Rapid White Smile Teeth Whitening Center - Creando Sonrisas Impresionantes en menos de una hora

      Make an unforgettable impression with a beautiful, bright smile!
We are proud and excited to offer you an effective and affordable option to get your teeth their whitest in the shortest amount of time! Yes, in under one hour you can have a truly visible improvement in your appearance. Sensitive teeth? No problem, we specialize in diminishing sensitivity!

                      Group Special with our Mobile Service

* Service to your preferred location
* Minimum of 4 guests are required
* Locations are limited at this price. Please call for more information.

                 Teeth Whitening  
Option 1: 40 minute treatment (Value $120)
Option 2: 60 minute treatment (MK) (Value $180)
                         (Mineral Kit to reduce sensitivity and risk of stains)                     

Reduce risk of stains after whitening... with a 
 Mineral Treatment $9.99

          PLEASE CALL FOR OUR                   AFFORDABLE PRICES

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Monday:          10am - 6pm
Tuesday:         10am - 3pm
 Wednesday:   1pm  -  6pm
Thursday:        10am - 6pm
Friday:             10am - 6pm
Saturday:         10am - 6pm

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